Thursday, April 05, 2007

Setting up Twapper Mobile

I first read about Twapper's improved mash-up with Twitter the other day, but it's only now that I actually had a chance to try posting updates to Twitter from Twapper.

It took me longer than expected to figure it out because you apparently have to do things in a specific order to be able to post Twitter updates from Twapper Mobile.

1. Create a 30boxes account if you don't have one yet. Sign-up is free.

2. Add your Twitter name to the Web Stuff section of your 30boxes account settings. If it was added successfully, you'll see it confirmed at the top of your Web Stuff page.

3. Look for the "Twitters" hyperlink on the bottom left corner of the calendar view (you'll need to be logged in), below the calendar itself.

You can click on the word "Twitters" to see a list of recent Twitter updates from you and your friends (either as a pop-up or appended to the bottom of your calendar view).

4. Post your first Twitter update from within the web interface, by clicking on the text of your last Twitter update.

That part of the page will change into a form that lets you enter your update, your Twitter user id and your Twitter password.

Click the "Update" link to post the update. 30boxes will now cache your Twitter password.

5. Go to the 30 Boxes Mobile home page and login if you need to. If you're already logged in, you'll see a link to Twapper with your Twitter userid next to it. Click on that link.

6. On your Twapper home page, you'll see recent Twitter updates from friends. Scroll down until you see the form that asks "What are you doing".

Enter your Twitter update and post away! To confirm that your tweet was really posted, you can always check your Twitter home page to see if it appears.

Bottomline: Twapper updates will work only if you've got a 30boxes account and you've successfully posted a Twitter update from within the 30boxes calendar view at least once.

Update: Was also able to post an update through the web browser of my Treo 600.