Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Great Friends

While I was out at dinner with a friend last night, I was reminded of something my boss once said about friendship:

It's possible to develop great friendships only with people who are like us enough that we have common ground, but different enough that we don't feel the urge to compete.
He didn't say it in exactly those words, but that's the gist of it, really.

This little bit of insight came to mind because I felt exactly this way at last night's dinner. My friend and I were alike enough in so many ways that we felt like kindred spirits, but we were different enough that we found interesting experiences to share with one another.

And while I was utterly exhausted by the time I got home (the past two weeks have really been very tiring), I'm truly glad that I dragged my butt to that dinner. haha!

To be honest, I was tired enough that I briefly considered canceling at the last minute. I didn't, though, because I had recently been reminded that face-to-face matters.