Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Bayeux Tapestry, Animated

Found this beautifully animated video via Chris Brogan.

The video clip was animated by David Newton and is hosted by

The tapestry itself is a long piece of embroidered cloth, 20 inches high and 230 feet long. It is divided into thirteen sections, and recounts the events leading up to William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066.

The original tapestry, believed to have been made in the 1070s, is currently on exhibit in Bayeux, Normandy, France. A full-size replica of the tapestry, made in 1886, is on exhibit at the Museum of Reading, in Reading, Berkshire, England.

See also the Bayeux Tapestry and The Battle of Hastings on Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to download the file for my son's history lesson. Is it possible for you to forward me the file? I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. Jess :)

MD said...

Hi Jess.

I don't actually have a copy of the video, since it's hosted on

I suggest you visit this link which explains how you can download a dailymotion video.

You can also try this video downloading site.

Good luck!