Monday, April 16, 2007

Globe Visibility SpeedTest Results

Ran a few tests using Globe Visibility's 3G connection using's service.

Test 1: Connect to Los Angeles, USA
Download speed: 620 kbps. Upload speed: 110 kbps
April 15, 2007. 11:48pm GMT+8


Test 2: Connect to New York, USA
Download speed: 556 kbps. Upload speed: 120 kbps
April 15, 2007. 11:54pm GMT+8


Test 3: Connect to London, UK
Download speed: 320 kbps. Upload: 188 kbps
April 16, 2007. 12:00am GMT+8

These numbers are higher than I expected, given how my web pages are loading. Hmm.


Renato Manalang said...

Have you tried running the same test locally? You will be lucky if you can even complete a test on the same site!

I am a very recent subscriber and I have never been so disgusted with a product that promises a lot more that it can actually deliver.

Imagine, paying that much for something that will give you performance levels a lot less than dial up connection using a landline.

MD said...

Sorry, no... I've never tried running a speedtest for Globe Visibility on a local (Philippine-based) server. Most of the sites I access are outside the country, so it didn't even occur to me to test a local site.

For what it's worth -- I've noticed that when I set the network connection to "3G only" I get much better speeds -- but only if the 3G signal in the area is strong enough.

At my friend's house, we've found that it's better to set the modem to "GPRS only" because although there's 3G, the signal strength is so weak that GPRS is actually faster.

Anyway, I no longer use Visibility these days since I only had it on loan from a friend while I was waiting to get my DSL installed.

Hope the performance you're getting improves soon. It's a real shame if you're only getting below-dial-up speeds.

Vince said...

I have just speed test Globe visibility locally. Do check it out. The speed is A-OK today.

Anonymous said...

As a subscriber i have tested the speed visibility.The speed is very satisfactory.