Saturday, September 02, 2006


Finally got around to applying for a Social Security ID last week.

Apparently, the social security service won't honor any requests for services without this ID, so getting one is more important than I originally thought. Aside from giving you access to SSS services, an SSS Id is also a valid government ID that can be used for identification, kinda like a passport or a driver's license.

Anyway, the ID application process was a lot easier and less of a hassle than I expected. Just fill up the correct form, then line up so someone can verify that your SSS number is a valid one. Once you pass validation, you line up at a different queue to have your photo and finger prints taken.

In all, the process took around half an hour start to finish (I went around 2pm on a Thursday). At the end of the process, you get a little stub that you can use as a temporary ID while they haven't mailed you your final one yet.

If you ever feel like checking your SSS contributions online, the SSS website also has an online inquiry feature that's actually quite informative -- it lists all your contributions, the total amount contributed, the employers you've had, what outstanding benefit applications you have, and so on. You just need your SSS number, last name, and birthday to login... no password required.