Friday, September 01, 2006


I realized today just how clueless I am about what people I know do for a living.

It all started because one of my cousins asked me last week if I knew of any printing companies that can print magazines, and I drew a complete blank. I couldn't think of one single person that I knew who did this for a living.

So I posted an inquiry on my high school batch's yahoogroup to see if any of them offered this type of service.

I could only shake my head in disbelief and surprise when someone replied to refer me to one of our batchmates who runs a printing company.

Why is that such a strange thing, you may ask? Well, as it happens, the batchmate she referred to is someone that I actually see and talk to on a weekly basis at church!

To make matters even more embarrasing, the friend who made the referral is currently halfway across the world somewhere in the United States. haha!

I really should interview the people I know more often.