Monday, September 04, 2006

So Much To See, So Little Time

Aarrggh. Don't have enough time to check out all the neat new things that have been popping up all over the web!

Will have to settle for making a list here and getting to it when I have more time.

  • GroupLoop. It may sound like a cereal, but it's actually a web-based software for small groups. Haven't figured out what makes it different from Yahoogroups.
  • Blogger in Beta. Had some trouble with page elements last night and haven't figured out why yet. Kept getting a 404 error whenever I try to add a second html/javascript element. Another puzzle to solve.
  • 37Signals. All the neat little project management and coordination tools offered by 37Signals, including Basecamp, Campfire, and Writeboard.
  • Vox. Haven't had a chance to return to my brand-spanking-new account there to explore the other features.
It's days like this when I wish I had a career as a technology magazine feature writer so I can explore these things and actually get paid to do it. haha!