Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Twitter Wishlist: Addendum

Around four and a half months ago (after a month of using Twitter), I came up with a Twitter Wishlist with three items, none of which have materialized so far. * sniff! *

Now I've got two new items to add, although frankly I consider these to be even lower in priority than the items on my original list.

  1. Finding out which of my posts have been starred, and how many times. I see this as a way for followers to give feedback. After all, each star means someone took the trouble to explicitly mark a 'tweet' as something that they liked. That seems like valuable feedback to me.
  2. Getting a local (i.e., Philippine-based) number to send Twitter updates to. Most of the local mobile content providers charge P2.50/message for value-added text services, where the revenue is split between the content provider and the telco. Since I'm used to that charging scheme, I frankly wouldn't mind paying that kind of money to send a Twitter update. It sure beats the fee I'm charged right now each time I send an SMS to the UK server!
Still on Twitter, I'm eagerly awaiting the day Jazzbo finishes setting up his PhilMusic Twitter feed. Once he gets it up and running, PhilMusic will be the first Philippine-based site I know of that uses Twitter to send updates, and it would be free of charge to 'followers' too. * Thumbs up! *

Update (March 4): PhilMusic's Twitter feed is now officially up.