Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recent Sidebar Updates

Made a couple of updates to my blog's sidebar this week.

I updated the Twitter widget so it now displays the three most recent 'tweets' instead of just one. Also changed the display order somewhat by putting the time before the text. It was fairly easy to do, thanks to this great blogpost from Jon Aquino, which I found via Twitter's FAQs.

What I'd love to do eventually is to restyle the display to look like the Twitter widget in Brad Kellett's blog, Pantsland. He groups his entries by day and displays the actual time, rather than the relative time after each text blurb.

Also added a Google Reader widget to the sidebar, under 'Recent Reads'. This widget displays items that I've opted to 'share' while reading through my various RSS subscriptions using Google Reader.

It does not yet look quite as nice as I'd like... but I'm fairly confident I can prettify it once I've got some time on my hands, since it just takes a bit of CSS.

I can't help but feel happy when I look at the sidebar now, because these two recent changes really complement my existing Flickr widget, which displays my most recent public photos.


Update - Feb 16:
Finally have my 'Recent Reads' widget styled, thanks to bits of CSS from the Google Reader Blog.


Jonathan said...

M - Glad you found the javascript post useful!


M said...

It was incredibly helpful. Thanks so much. :-)

Brad Kellett said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I only recently added the Twitter stuff to my sidebar, still deciding if I want to keep it.

It is a bit of PHP code that I include in the sidebar that uses MagpieRSS to fetch my Twitter feed then parse and format it how I want. I'm more than happy to give you the code, but I don't know that you could use it on Blogger.

M said...

Thanks for visiting, Brad. :-)

Yours has been the only widget I've seen so far where the Twitter entries are grouped by day, and it made such absolute perfect sense to me the moment I saw it. :-)

It will be interesting to wait and see whether you decide to keep the widget there.

Thank you for your kind offer re: the PHP script. I suspect you're right -- it won't be usable on my Blogger blog. I guess I'll have to find some other way.