Thursday, February 01, 2007

List Flame

I couldn't help but shake my head in disbelief when I read the recent messages in the linuxjobs mailing list.

Some poor chap who posted a job ad is getting flamed because some of the list residents think that the salary being offered (P20k- P30k) is too low for the position that's to be filled.

Some of the comments are uncalled for, IMHO. For example (copied directly, typos and grammatical errors included):

why would anybody hire a PROFESSIONAL and give him/her "UNPROFESSIONAL FEE"?

your not looking for an admin, your looking for a house boy who can do all the jobs you like him/her to do, and with that kind of rate? thats exploitation already.
I can't help but think less of the people who made these remarks. Employment is voluntary. No one is being forced into slave labor here. It's a simple job posting, for crying out loud. There's no need to be snippy just because the salary doesn't fit your personal expectations. Frankly, if I were a hiring manager, I'd really think twice about hiring a couple of these guys as full-time employees, simply because of the attitude.

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere out there, there's someone who will take that job for the money that's being offered, and will be grateful for the employment. Salaries are dictated by market dynamics, not wishful thinking.