Sunday, February 25, 2007


My apologies to the handful of people who follow this blog via RSS.

I was doing a bit of experimentation these past couple of days by transferring some posts from one of my blogs to this one, and I'm afraid things got a bit messy with the timeline in the RSS feed.

I realize now (sheepishly and belatedly) that the RSS feed doesn't use the Blogger 'post date and time' and instead uses 'date of last update'... which I guess makes sense from a reader's standpoint.

Anyway, after sleeping on it for a while, I finally decided yesterday to set my other blog as private (now that Blogger has that feature) and will be moving posts that are more suitable for public consumption from the private blog into this 'public' one.

So if some weird things start showing up in your RSS feeds over the next week or so, please bear with me. Some of the stuff will seem really out of context (since my now-private blog has entries dating all the way back to 2003!) but hopefully the dust will settle soon and RSS life will be back to normal.

Again, sorry... and thanks for your patience.