Sunday, March 25, 2007

Putting your money...

It surprised me a bit today to realize that one theme kept coming up many times this week: Global Warming.

  • Purely by chance, I met a guy who grew up in Kansas but now does power-related projects in the Philippines that focus on environmental sustainability.
  • Fortune Magazine's April 2, 2007 issue is focused on "Going Green" and they have ongoing coverage of environmental issues on their website.
  • Quite a number of BBC news alerts I've been receiving via Twitter this week have something to do with corporate environmental initiatives.
And as if all of the above is not enough, today I came across (via James Hong) an entry on the Greenpeace blog that talks about Aspen Ski Resort's decision to stop using Kimberly-Clark products in its resorts.

In their letter to the makers of Kleenex, the resort company says "Kimberley-Clark's use of pulp from endangered forests and lack of recycled fiber in consumer tissue paper products is contradictory to our guiding principles."

I'm far from being a tree-hugger, but I like it when a simple and small lifestyle change on my part can allow me to contribute to a worthy cause. Now I just have to find an alternative brand that's a more environmentally friendly choice.