Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging Advice

Drew Benvie, a London-based PR and social media consultant whom I follow on Twitter, posed an interesting question to his Twitter friends a couple of hours ago: Anyone got opinions on how to stay enthused about blogging?

I found the answers from his friends interesting, so I'm collecting them for future reference in this blogpost.

  • Suw: Don't over do it, and don't sweat the quiet spells.
  • Sbisson: Have a story to tell - whether in words or pictures. Don't make it your life.
  • Paul Miller:Write about stuff you care about. Pick one side of the 'write for yourself/ write for your audience' fence.
  • noodlepie: Do you *have* to stay enthused? If you are, you are. If you're not, you're not. No big deal either way.
  • division6: Get blogging buddies - interlinking / tagging between friends can definitely help!
  • Sbisson: It's a social thing. Need to tie it to human social networks - professional and personal.
  • smudie: Love what you're blogging about! With that attitude, I lasted five years before I needed my first break.
  • smudie: Think it helps to feel part of a community as well, so you're sharing with friends in a way you would anyway, even without a blog.
  • mbites: Read blogs, Flickr, news to help inspire.Take a break. Refresh. Come back.
  • fuelmyblog: The golden rule: never blog pissed.
  • noodlepie: Step outside any bubble u find yrself in. Stumbleupon, & explore flickr can help. As does going offline.
Personally, I blog because I have a terrible memory and I want to be able to remember: (a) events that have happened; and (b) things that I've found interesting or eye-opening.

The act of writing things down helps me process the experience and also helps me remember things better. Having a searchable archive also compensates for the lousy memory. hehe.

As long as blogging continues to fulfill one of those two purposes, I think it will be easy enough for me to keep blogging.

Update: This post has since been picked up by Chris Vallance of BBC Five Live Radio, Drew Benvie, and Armand David (aka division6). Thank you.