Monday, October 02, 2006


Finally got back online today for the first time since typhoon "Milenyo" hit the country on Sep 28. Power is still out at my home, but I am thankfully able to get online at work starting today.

While we haven't fully "recovered" from the effects of the storm, it has been a rather enlightening experience for me. Had a lot of time on my hands when it was too dark to do anything and too hot to consider moving. That gives you a lot of time for reflection.

Some idle thoughts during this period:

  • When I can't watch TV for days on end, it's actually not that stressful and in fact can be somewhat relaxing.
  • When you're unable to communicate through phone or mobile for extended periods, you can quite literally go batty because communication is so integral to socialization and coordination of effort.
  • It is quite relaxing (maybe hypnotic?) to just sit safely indoors and watch the trees waving about in high winds.
  • So much of life's conveniences are so electricity-dependent, including refrigeration, cold drinks, hot showers, proper ventilation, internet, and mobile technology.
  • I found it difficult to "abandon" my home despite the lack of electrical power. While people were checking into hotels in droves, I found that I'd rather stay at home where it's more uncomfortable because I'd have more peace of mind that way. Now I understand better why people will stubbornly refuse to leave their homes even when the simmering volcano just a few short miles away is threatening to erupt, and why so many people disobey evacuation orders.
  • I am lucky to have many friends who are gracious and generous enough to invite me to sleep over at their homes when they learn that electricity is still out at my house.
  • I am lucky to have relatives and godparents who check in on me every day just to make sure I'm okay.
  • I have a lot more loyalty to Globe Telecom after this experience. Considering how long power has been out in my area, I was still able to send text and call, even though signal was (and still is) occassionally spotty. They're certainly a lot more reliable than PLDT -- my landlines have been dead more than 80% of the time in the 108 hours that I've had no electricity at home.
  • There's nothing quite as thrilling as getting your portable generator repaired and returned to you on the same day that you reported a problem. ;-)
  • Reading by candlelight or dim lamplight is just so plainly a gosh-darned-awful experience.
  • Necessity and adrenaline can make you capable of completing tasks that you ordinarily would have thought you can't do.
  • The yellow pages are the best search engine there is when you have no electricity!
I'm sure there are a lot more stray thoughts floating around in my head, but I guess this will do for now. :-D