Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just Like Old Times

Went to a wake for the father of one of my former choir conductors last night. I had not seen V in such a long time, and while it was great to hug her again, I do wish it was under happier circumstances.

At her request, around 20 of her former choir members (myself included) got together last night to perform one song for the wake. And although it has been years since many of us had sung together, once we did start singing, it felt like we had stepped back into the past.

The old blending was still there, amazingly. The singing techniques learned through hours of rehearsals long ago all came roaring back. Lyrics that I thought I'd forgotten, melodies that I had not heard in years... all of it was still there, just dormant and buried at the back of my brain.

Hearing the blending and feeling once again the many nuances of the song made me remember why I loved being in choir so much all those years ago.

It was just like old times, and it felt really good.