Monday, February 23, 2009

Embeddable YouTube Playlists: the Workaround for 10min Video Limits

I spent a few hours this weekend trying to figure out how to upload a 48-minute video to YouTube so it can be embedded into a web page for viewing.

The challenge comes from the fact that YouTube now only accepts videos that are at most 10 minutes long.
Turns out the solution is fairly simple:
  • use your favorite video editor to chop the video up into chunks of 10 minutes or less
  • upload the videos individually to YouTube (this was the time-consuming part for me, since my connection is slow)
  • create a YouTube playlist and add all the videos to that single playlist, taking care to ensure that they're in the right order
  • copy the embed code for the playlist and paste it into your webpage (tweak the height and width of the embedded object as needed)
And that's all there is to it!
The playlist will take care of switching from one video to the next automatically, so the viewer doesn't need to do anything from the time he starts viewing the first clip.
As an added bonus, viewers can easily resume viewing from any of the videos in the playlist if their viewing session is interrupted. No need to load the entire video from the very beginning.