Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Conference Thoughts

Sat in on a conference call 11pm last night and was still quite psyched from the interaction even a full two hours after the call. Ended up spending another hour later talking to one of the attendees. (Side note: Thanks to Skype, the whole thing was free! haha!)

Something about interacting with people who share your interests yields a little kind of buzz. It's like you feel a little more alive than usual. I guess that's another bit of evidence that humans are social creatures.

I've been thinking of in-the-flesh conferences a lot this week, mainly because there's one in September that I'd been meaning to attend (but now won't be able to), and another conference was held this week in Manila.

Wouldn't you just love it if we eventually got to the point where our local internet and mobile conferences will have an audience as properly wired and powered as the audience at Gnomedex? That would be a sight to see.